Streamer mode

The streamer mode reveals the position of the current player after they moved for a few seconds.

  • + The indicator in the UI slowly fills up when the player moves and goes red when the position is revealed.
  • + The other players will only see that the indicator goes red.
    It does not fill up as the player is moving and the position is not revealed to them.
  • + This mode can only be used if there is only one player on this computer.
  • + The positions and indicator get reset when a distraction happens in certain levels.

When the streamer gets punched, they can control a ghost to keep showing positions and interacting with the viewers:

  • + The other players will not see the ghost.

The streamer mode can be activated in the game settings:

Spectator mode

The spectator mode reveals the position of all the players. It can be used for a specific stream or cast of a game.

To watch a game as a spectator, you must join the room as an online player, but not press anything to join the game in the lobby.
When the game starts you will automatically be set as a spectator.
We might improve this process if this mode gets much used. :)

If you have any questions please reach out on twitter or discord! :)